At the Property Tax Division of the Utah State Tax Commission we serve the people of Utah by providing general assistance of locally and centrally assessed property valuations and taxes.  We also train and certify appraisers and approve tax rates.

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Lastest Information

NOTE: Course 21, USPAP Scheduled for February 11th is now full.

The 2014 Annual Statistical Report has been published. You can access it by clicking on the hyperlink or under the "Information" drop down menu on the far right.

2015 Summary of Property Tax related Legislation

NOTE: 2016 Maximum Veteran with a Disability Exemption $253,264

NOTE: 2016 Personal Property Exempt Businesses $10,300

NOTE: The 2016 interest rate to be applied to delinquent property taxes is 7.00%.

2016 Training Schedule

PT-23 Application for Residential Property Exemption

NOTE: The 2015 Valuation Schedule for personal property has been posted.

NOTE: The Cap Rate Studies for both Natural Resources and Utilities have been published. You can access them here.

TC-40CB Renter Refund Application (Circuit Breaker)

TC-40CY Low Income Abatement and Homeowner's Tax Credit Application